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Property Management


RAC processess rental application of railway land from individuals/ private sector / companies who wish to rent/develop the land for commercial and agricultural purposes for a period of not exceeding 3 years with extension options.The conditions for the rental application of railways land:

a) Types of Rentals
  1. Short Term Rentals
APPLICANT Individual / Company / Organisation / School / House of Worship
TYPE OF RAILWAY LAND Titled or reserved land
PURPOSE Commercial and non-comercial activities
APPROVAL Land Tenancy Committee Meeting
DURATION OF RENTAL Not exceeding three (3) years
  • Within safe distance of 40 feet from tracks
  • Pocket land
  • Building (warehouse/spaces at stations)
  • Monthly or annual rental rate is based on market value evaluated by the Property Evaluation and Service Department (JPPH) for commercial purposes.
  • Nominal rent for non-commercial purposes. 
NOTICE OF TERMINATION 30 days before contract expires
EXTENSION APPLICATION Six (6) months before contract expires


Click here to download Lease Application Form (PAK-H-01)

Click here to download Sample Plan Of Rental Site Map


RAC processess lease application of railway land from individuals/ private sector / companies who wish to rent/develop the land for development purposes, commercial and agriculture for a period exceeding 3 years.

  • Long Term Leases
APPLICANT Individual / Company 
TYPE OF RAILWAY LAND Titled or reserved land
PURPOSE Railway-related development and business activity
APPROVAL RAC Board of Directors and Cabinet Meeting
DURATION OF LEASE Five (5) years until 99 years based on lease requirement
LEASE RATES Lumpsum, monthly or annual lease rate is based on lease value evaluated by the Property Evaluation and Service Department (JPPH)
NOTICE OF TERMINATION Six (6) months before contract expires
EXTENSION APPLICATION One (1) year before contract expires

Click here to download Lease Application Form
Click here to download Sample Plan Of Rental Site Map

Unallowed Purpose Of Rental

Jenis-jenis tanah


RAC processess the way-leave application from individuals/ private sector / companies who wish to temporarily use the land for specific purposes, which do not exceed 3 years (the period of a way leave lease can be given by month to month basis). Way-leave is an approval given by RAC to all Government agencies / private sector companies or individuals to use railway lands either by crossing or any usage on the land; such as for construction/widening of roads/highways, building bridges, erecting or laying of  utility cables and so on. Every way-leave approval will be charged a one-off payment as compensation for RAC’s loss of right to use that land. Yearly payments will also be charged to the clients. The rates for one-off and yearly payments are based on location and size of the land involved.

Click here to download Way-leave Application Form

Bill Board


Billboard advertising is effective for building brand awareness and broadcasting your business, product or campaign to as many people as possible. RAC's strategic advertising locations across the country allow media and brand owners to erect various type of billboard placements along RAC's right of way (ROW), ensuring high reach and top-of-mind recall.

Jenis-jenis tanah


RAC permits telecommunication infrastructure providers to erect telco towers on RAC’s land along RAC’s right of way (ROW). All telco tower applications must comply with the following guidelines:

    Minimum Distance of Towers From Nearest Building (Meter)

  • To the Residential Buildings / Institutions (Facilities)       = 20 meters
  • To the Commercial Building                                             = 10 meters
  • To the Industrial Building                                                  = 5 meters


    Types of telecommunication towers

  • 3 Legged Tower
  • Lamp Pole Tower
  • RDS Tower
  • Tree Pole Tower
  • Monopole Tower

Click here to download Billboard Application Form
Click here to download Telco Application Form

Revocation / Disposition

RAC is not authorized to consider any applications to release railway land to individuals or private parties. However, revocation for railway reserved land or disposition for titled railway land to the State/Federal Goverment can be considered only for any proposal for development of railway land for the purpose of public interest such as road widening purposes.


RAC monitors the activities on railway lands from time to time in order to prevent the invasion of squatters and commercial activities or agricultural. The Enforcement Unit is also directly involved in preliminary tasks before any project is implemented to remove all hindrances comprising various categories of squatters (residential, commercial, commercial residences, community halls, places of worship (Hindu temples, suraus, Chinese temples and churches) and all agricultural activities on the railway lands. Carrying out this task requires various activities. These involve conducting census, issuing notices, getting Notices 425 and 426 of the National Land Code (NLC) from the District Land Administrator,  conduct census to identify ex-gratia recipients (to housing squatters only), demolish, clean and consequently  hand over vacant sites to project developers.


Non-economic or unused RAC assets will be disposed of as follows:

  1. Write off
  2. Disposal
  3. Award

Types of Used asset Disposed



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